Thank you so much to all of our past customers and friends for your interest and support of The Derflinger Angus bull sale. We have enjoyed working our ranch and providing you the best genetics we thought would add to your herds. It is so humbling for the support we have had. As Wade's health has continued to spiral down, we realized the both of us could no longer continue to do the hard work it takes to raise the quality of bulls you all deserve.

We are so thankful for our kids and all the help they have given us over all these years. We absolutely could not have done it without every one of them. We now will step back and let them carry on. Wade will continue to flush cows and add to the herd and will offer embryos for sale. We appreciate each of your friendships and look forward to your continued support of the sale.

                                   Sincerely, Wade and Lorena

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Thank you for your interest and please call us at 605-788-2846 if you have any questions!


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